Blue is the new black

Hello my lovelies. Happy mid-week! Keep hanging there, Friday is almost there. *Asian peace sign*


I would like to dedicate this post to a colour. Yes a colour that never fails to bring a sea of compliments to my way. We all know very well the acknowledgement colour Black gets. It is classy, it is chic it is a long list of things. I love black. 70% of my closet is Black. However, today I would like to bring your attention to another champion of a colour – Blue. Not any blue but NAVY BLUE.


In my honest opinion, anyone and everyone can rock this colour. I can assure you that navy blue works beautifully on brown skin tone. Me, me, me! My wardrobe consists of neutral palettes and among them my navy blue jacket stands out like a boss. It is somewhat less harsh than black. In other words, it is more playful and fun. In this look, I styled my navy blue jacket with plain grey v-neck t-shirt and dark wash denim jeans. I top it off with my go to accessories – dainty rings and a watch. To elevate the look a bit more, I wore a black pointy toe shoe.


Of course there are varying shades within the domain of navy blue, head out there and try it out yourself. It would be a great pop of colour in your collection. Keep everything else subtle and let your navy pop. And Boom! In no time, you will look so deep like the deep blue sea. ;p


Do let me know if you have any favourite navy blue piece in your wardrobe and share your styling tips too so we can all learn from each other! I wish you guys have a great rest of the week.


xx, Mielyn


OOTD details:

Jacket – Mango (bought years ago), other option Pattern suit blazer, Military style jacket (Both on sale at the moment!)

T-shirt – Uniqlo

Jeans – similar Zara

Watch – Daniel Wellington

Rings – Pandora infinity ring & Michael Hill

Pointy Shoes – Victoria Beckham

The delights of St Ives

A beautiful and quaint fishing harbour + the best pasties. That’s how I will describe this place. It does look like a painting. Bless.

Though it is still a bit chilly at this time of the year, St. Ives is definitely a place to visit for wanderlusters. Those who are visiting the England, if time permits do head to this gem of a place. This beautiful seaside town offers plenty of fresh air, outdoor activities and not to mention my favourite topic – delicious FOOD (seafood). The cliff-top views, picturesque beaches and charm of the ancient city will make you fall in love with this place. I definitely did.

My summary and recommendation for St. Ives for my readers in 100 words.

Stroll around the beautiful beach (surf if you may), relax at the beach cafes and think ‘This is Life’ many times over, go to Land’s End and feel like you have achieved something, watch a play at The Minack Theatre that is perched on the cliffs high above the Atlantic ocean and you can literally brag to your friends till their ears bleed, hike from St. Ives to Zennor and be awed by what Mother nature could offer. Well, that’s 78 words.

It seems like not much but my motto of wanderlusting is to immerse yourself in what you do and experience each thing well. The list above made me leave the place with a full heart. Of course there are many other attractions in St. Ives that is fun, unique and interesting. Do put it in your list guys and perhaps send me pictures of your adventures! Because what is better than inspiring each other to go out and see the world.

“Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.” – Roy M. Goodman


Take care guys. Till next time!

xx, Mielyn

Extra long sleeve

Hello lovelies. Hope your Monday went well!

I was just spending the whole day writing my dissertation and I took a break. During the breakI wrote this post. The irony of it 😉 In this OOTD post I am featuring my first ever button up shirt I got hold of since I moved to London. It is not just any button up shirt, the sleeve run long enough to almost cover another person’s palm. Why a petite girl like me need an extra long sleeve shirt? Well why not. I was feeling adventurous. I love my clothes to have some sort of eccentric element to it. Perhaps that part of my personal style.


IMG_4663.JPGIMG_4661.JPGI laid my eyes onthis shirt on and instantly fell in love with it. Exhibit is a Singapore based womenswear label founded by non other than the famous and beautiful Yoyo Cao. If you don’t follow her already on Instagram (yoyokulala), do go check her out. She has the most amazing feed. Among the many cleverly tailored pieces in the collection, this extra long sleeve shirt spoke the most to me. The clean-cut definitely adds to the luxe basics feel to the shirt. And the buttons that ran along the entire sleeve. That sold it to me. The quality of the material and stitching made me a happy buyer. Although the sleeve runs long, it can be folded up to avoid any mishaps during meal time. Imagine me digging in my food with my sleeve all over the place like a child. Hmmm not a good sight.

This shirt was well-worn during my Belgium trip and of course in Belgium as in many countries you go to the art gallery. As you can see I wore this top with jeans and did a little half tuck on half of the shirt… look at the photo, I don’t think I just made sense. I felt like an artist myself. 😉

Why the dessert photos all of a sudden?? It’s Belgium! Desserts are heaven there.

On a last note, it makes me happy seeing a label from Asia do so well. I am truly hoping to dig up more exquisite Asian label and support the emerging designers because good quality clothes shouldn’t go unnoticed.
Have a nice evening guys. Those who had Monday blues, hope this post made you smile. I hope at least the desserts did the trick. Cheers!


xx, Mielyn

My style uniform

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great week so far.

In this post I will be talking about my personal style uniform. Regardless of the trend we might follow, I believe everyone have their own gravitation towards a particular  type of clothing time and time again. I call it the style uniform. Ever came across the time where you stare at your wardrobe and felt utterly helpless with the thought 'Oh my goodness! I have NOTHING to wear!'. I certainly have. 🙂 At this point of time, I always go back to what make me feel the most confident and comfortable. Upon reflection, I came to understand that I always pick the same combination in times of crisis or even just to feel comfortable.

My style uniform is a simple top tucked in a pair of jeans. And to complete the look, I will add a watch, a belt, perhaps one or two rings and a pair of flats or heels depending on the occasion. That's about it actually.

Style evolves. I remember when I was younger I loved wearing jeans and the biggest sneaker available because it felt good. I was comfortable. My style has evolved from then on and I begin to gravitate towards classy yet simple chic outfits. I have come across many women especially young girls who shared with me that they are not stylish and they beat themselves out. All my lovely ladies out there, you have your own style. Trust me. Ask yourself what makes you feel good and comfortable. Coco Chanel said "Fashion fades, only style remains the same". Following trend is awesome but embracing your own style will define the unique you. When you know yourself and feel good about your own sense of style, you will shine. It might take time but it is worth it. 🙂


1.Do not give two hoots to others make who you feel bad about how you dress, it takes time to develop and refine your style. It is a learning journey. Always love yourself first.

OOTD Details:

Top – Gift from my bestie. Knit top from Melbourne

Jeans – Zara

Heeled sandal – Ted baker (grey version)


xx, Mielyn



Leather Sandals

Sandals. The beloved footwear when the temperature soars. Happiness is showing off the perfectly manicured toes with a nice pair of sandals. Hmm just thinking about it uplifts my mood. There are many types of sandals but I tend to like the leather ones. Any footwear will eventually go through wear and tear. Somehow leather sandals tend to wear beautifully. Unfortunately, weather in London has not been that great lately. Although it is supposedly summer, the moment you step out of your house you feel anything but summer-y. However, the situation does make me appreciate the little sunshine we do get in London. We almost always focus on the negative side of things we kind of lose perspective – that there is always the positive side of things as well. It is never easy to be optimistic all the time but being mindful of the good things will do us more good than the other way around. Don’t you agree?


Just closing my eyes, thinking of the sunny blues sky and knowing I will experience the warmth of the sun one day is already an enabling thought that keeps me happy. When that time finally comes, I have my nicely aged leather sandals with me and we will both go out and greet the sun. The leather sandals might have cost me slightly more than others but it is worth it.


xx, Mielyn

The other LBD

LBD, our beloved little black dress should be a staple in women’s closet. When you think it’s the end of the world because suddenly there’s nothing to wear, the trusted black dress comes to the rescue. Another type of LBD I think every woman should consider is the slightly L(ong) Black Dress. The longer hemlines gives a more feminine touch to a women’s frame. Midi dresses is a bit tricky for petite ladies like me. However, the black colour create a slimmer illusion. Thus, it makes us look like we have longer frame. High five to that!
The L(longer) black dress is perfect to wear when we still want to look more conservative or on a chilly day. Just add simple pearl earring, red lip, nice handbag and a killer shoe. You will so polish that even your mother in law or  potential mother in law will approve straight away 😜


1. For petite ladies, cinch the waist in with a belt to create proportions. You can either have the belt on the smallest of your waist or higher to have the empire waist effect. Obi belt works best for this.

2. If your dress is a knit dress, look for knits that have vertical lines. It will help create the length you need.

OOTD Details:

Midi knit black dress – H&M

Obi belt – Love Bonito

Pearl earrings – Pandora

Bag – La Martina


Till next time,

xx Mielyn

Photo credit: Mr. T

Hike chic

Taking a walk is good for you. Sometimes taking a long walk aka hiking is very good for you. I started hiking a couple of years ago while travelling in Indonesia. The hike was so strenuous but I came out of it feeling extremely good about myself. It felt like I conquered something: my fear of failing.

I think that’s what hiking does to you, it makes you look at yourself deeply. Whenever I go for a hike, there is a lot of opportunities to breath in fresh air, work up my heart rate and really pay attention to my surroundings. AND plenty of pep talk (especially if the hike is like 10 hours long). Despite aching feet and god knows what else, I come out triumphant each and every time I finish a hike. One thing that adds up to the excitement of the whole thing is of course the outfit. I believe a woman should also feel good about herself when she is hiking. But bear in mind, I do not advocate over the topness. 🙂

A comfy pair of cool legging, a pretty sports bra, a shirt and a cardigan is always my essentials. Add in a nice earrings and a watch, you will feel like you have finished the hike before you even started. And not to forget the shoes/sandals. They could make or break you. Mr. T recently bought us a pair of hiking sandals from Source. It is for all terrain and the purpose of our purchase is also to use during the summer time.

And you are set!




1.If you want to save your sole and soul from blisters, please get a good pair of hiking footwear.

2. Bring sufficient H2O

3. If you are hiking is a warm place, do wear nice shirt and sports bra in case you need to remove the outer layer. You will still feel fab.

OOTD Details:

Cardigan – Zara

T-shirt – USA Pro

Leggings – USA Pro

Hiking sandal – Source sandal


Till next time…

Love, Mielyn


Location: Seven Sisters, Sussex

Photo credits: Mr. T



Summer Hat

Summer vacation is not complete without a good hat. Even if you are too shy to wear one on a daily basis or just can’t be bothered about it, vacation is the time we seem to invite hats into our holiday closet. It adds character to an outfit and great for bad hair days. I love a good hat but I must admit it is extremely challenging for me to get one to fit my head. My head is SMALL. This means standard adult sizing is still big for my head. Online shopping for even the most prettiest hats is a no go for me.

However, years ago while travelling in Taiwan a lovely shopkeeper offered to take in slightly from the inner rim of the floppy felt hat to fit perfectly on my head. Basically, she folded the bit of the inner lining and stitched it up. I thought it was brilliant! For this particular straw hat for my Greece holiday, I ended up doing the same because I just love it so much to return it. By saying that, I am considering looking into children’s section for a better fit. If any of you know a good place to look, do shout out to me. I would greatly appreciate it!


1. For my fellow ladies with tiny head, please do not fret. We are quite a fun size to be honest which makes it all the more interesting when it comes to dressing up. Just start off by getting the smallest size. If the smallest size is still loose, for most hats with an inner lining, fold in and stitch it up.

OOTD Details:

Grey Jumpsuit – Asos

Straw Hat – Asos Vacay Sequin Straw Hat

Sandal – Windsor Smith

Seri lovelies, bye!

Location : Blue Palace resort, Crete, Greece

Photo credits: Mr. T

The Stripe Top 

Every blogs/vlogs/website on classic wardrobe must haves will include a stripe top. Being put off by the fact that there are countless fashion guides warning petite women against wearing horizontal stripes, I can’t help but to feel how chic women look every time I see someone wearing it. For my Greece trip recently, I took the plunge and got myself one. In fact, it was the only piece of clothing I specially bought for the summer holidays. And I have NO regrets! There is something about the stripes that will make a woman look and feel classy. And the stripes did not cut off my petite frame when proportion and fit is given careful consideration when putting the whole outfit together. There are great with casual pants, dressy pants, jeans, shorts and skirt. Now I am intending to get one v-neck t-shirt and a 3/4 sleeve top. Stripe all the way!


1. To all my petite ladies, do not be afraid to wear horizontal stripes. Just make sure the stripes are not too big, the fit is just right and get 3/4 sleeve if you may because it flatters small frame the most.

2. Invest in a good quality striped top as they are a classic piece. Besides that, easily worn out materials will not do justice to your overall look.

OOTD details:

Striped sweater  – Petite Bateau, the black version is on sale currently in The Outnet

Shorts – Bought in Malaysia years ago

Sandal – Windsor Smith

Location : Crete, Greece

Photo credits: Mr. T

Classic white shirt

Countless fashion sites almost have a devotion to the classic white shirt. Anyone who own one would agree that it doesn’t get any classier than a white shirt. Why? It instantly makes you look put together and most importantly you will feel good.

My go to outfit for more dressier casual look: white shirt, jeans and red lip. For London’s weather, its always good to have a jacket/coat on. 🙂


1. Invest in a good quality shirt. It is okay if it takes time to find your perfect one.

2. Make sure it fits well. It will make a huge difference!

OOTD details:

White shirt – Burberry check details stretch cotton shirt

Jeans – Zara

Heeled sandal – Ted Baker

Red Lipstick – Clinique Pop (Cherry pop)

Cape coat – Love Bonito

seri (okay in Tamil) bellas, Tschüss!

Have a Photo credits: Mr T.