Layers and neutrals

button sleeved shirt: (sold out); similar here|military detailed sweater: Burberry; similar here|jeans: Zara (old); similar here | over the knee boots: Asos (old)similar here (on sale)|

Location: London. Photo credit: Mr T. 

Hello everyone! I know it has been quite awhile since my last post. Being a full-time teacher takes most of my time away. Trying to establish a new routine so the things that I like to do will not take a back seat! Weekends are pretty much the days I dress up because weekdays I have uniform (yes I do, that’s perfectly fine because I love my job. Besides, less headache because I don’t have to think what to wear on a daily basis). This outfit is something I put together on a whim. I wanted to check if the cream long-sleeved shirt I had in my closet will go well with my military detailed sweater. And I was quite pleased on how the whole outfit turn out in the end. The weather in London definitely does not allow me to wear any of my clothes on their own anymore. I am in love with these layers and I am sure I will wear them on repeat. The button detailed shirt from adds so much character to the sweater. I finished the look with my over the knee flat boots. I can’t appreciate them enough during the colder months. They are truly a life saver in keeping my pins extra warm. I will write on how I make my over the knee boots work for me on my petite frame  on my next blog. Till then hope you guys enjoyed this outfit of the Saturday of mine!

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

xx, Mielyn

Remembering the colours

Diwali has just passed and one thing I miss the most is the vibe of the festival. Back in Kuala Lumpur the atmosphere is noisy (in a good way), everything is colourful and you know it is the time for the festival of lights. I miss the lip-smacking good food, sweets, decorations, the open houses where you visit your neighbours, friends and relative’s home who embrace you with open arms. Nearing the time of celebration, we decided to try Masala Zone, Covent Garden. It was a very apt decision to have our own version of experiencing the joy of the festival. The moment I stepped in I was blown away by the interior. It was beautiful and the whole restaurant was filled with the smell of spice. Yes, Diwali was not the same as back in Malaysia but the memory is as sweet as ever.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

xx, Mielyn

Autumn essentials

Hi my lovelies, how have you all been?

Autumn is here in London and that means the usual (rain, wind, grey clouds) plus unpredictable temperature.  But mostly it will feel like winter. I still have a list of attire to purchase to prepare myself for the coming winter season. The freezing cold weather is just not my thing. However luckily I have made some good purchase to get me through the chill that is starting to creep up on me.

A chunky jumper and a high waisted wide leg white pants. This has been my go to attire for this autumn.  The jumper complements the high waisted pants very nicely. Who knew being all covered up would make one feel great. As a separate, the high waisted pants goes really well with cropped tops/blouse (weather permitting). On the other hand, the jumper is great with skinny jeans too.

I am totally in love with this Exhibitstore white wide leg pants. This is my second purchase from this label and I couldn’t be happier. The quality and craftsmanship are just great. I am very proud of this Singaporean brand. Do check them out! They do worldwide delivery with reasonable shipping rate.

I wish all of you a great week ahead!

Till next time,

xx, Mielyn

Birthday dinner for loved one

Happy midweek my lovelies!
I don’t know why but I get very excited when its midweek. ^^ Hope everyone had productive days so far. Keep on fighting guys. Weekend is just round the corner.

Last week was Mr T’s birthday and I organised a surprise dinner for him. Well he knew we were going for a dinner but the location was kept a secret (does that count as a surprise?!) Anyways, I started brainstorming on what to do for his birthday a good half a year ago or even earlier. This is what we do don’t we, for those we love dearly. We put a lot of effort because they matter. 🙂

During my research, I really wanted to bring Mr T for a nice dinner in London, specifically private dining. It is a special occasion and I wanted slightly more privacy than normal where we can just enjoy the food and each other’s company. But I must tell you, the research was not so straightforward. Private dining in London is costly unfortunately. However, perhaps it was my luck or my perseverance I found the perfect place.

Gauthier Soho
Why this restaurant topped the list?

  1. The was no extra charge for hiring the private room. Now that is quite rare. For an acclaimed French restaurant, this was a great bargain. I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email saying there was no room hire charge. However, you do need make an advance booking of 35/pax. The good thing this charge will be deducted from your total spending on the day you dine. Basically I am just paying for the food. Perfect!
  2. The booking process was so smooth. No hassle and the booking was done once I provide my payment details.
  3. This restaurant has multiple private dining choice based on the number of people attending. It is great for any occasion.
  4. The staffs were so courteous. From the time we stepped in to the moment we left, they made sure they looked after us very well. In addition, the male staff were quite an eye candy if you fancy those stuff but of course I was there for my man. ;p
  5. The food was marvellous.

I booked the Chef’s room. It is the smallest seating up to four guests and therefore most private dining room. On top of that, it was the wine cellar! Mr T loves wine and that sold it for me. How better to surprise him than having a great quality dinner in a room full of wines. The room had such great ambiance. It was romantic and was just perfect for the two of us. Of course at times the staff will pop in to grab a bottle of wine for other guest but they made sure we were not disturbed at any cost. Kudos to them. Both of us went for the 8 course tasting menu. It was mental but somehow I managed the whole course and came out triumphant. Overall, we had a great time. If you guys are in London and want a private dining, I would highly recommend Gauthier Soho. They have a way to make your day feel more special than it is.

I hope you guys have a great time with your loved ones.

“To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything.” – T. Tolis

I would like to make a special shoutout to @suji_hairstylist who made my hair for this special occasion. Suji is actually my MA programme classmate and hairstyling is her hobby. I say the girl has some serious talent. Appreciate her love and effort to come all the way to my place. Do check her out guys, she is great.

Till next time guys,

xx, Mielyn

OOTD details:

Jumpsuit – similar Love Bonito

Heeled sandal – Ted Baker in grey

Handbag – similar La Martina

Earring –  Swarovski 

Blue is the new black

Hello my lovelies. Happy mid-week! Keep hanging there, Friday is almost there. *Asian peace sign*


I would like to dedicate this post to a colour. Yes a colour that never fails to bring a sea of compliments to my way. We all know very well the acknowledgement colour Black gets. It is classy, it is chic it is a long list of things. I love black. 70% of my closet is Black. However, today I would like to bring your attention to another champion of a colour – Blue. Not any blue but NAVY BLUE.


In my honest opinion, anyone and everyone can rock this colour. I can assure you that navy blue works beautifully on brown skin tone. Me, me, me! My wardrobe consists of neutral palettes and among them my navy blue jacket stands out like a boss. It is somewhat less harsh than black. In other words, it is more playful and fun. In this look, I styled my navy blue jacket with plain grey v-neck t-shirt and dark wash denim jeans. I top it off with my go to accessories – dainty rings and a watch. To elevate the look a bit more, I wore a black pointy toe shoe.


Of course there are varying shades within the domain of navy blue, head out there and try it out yourself. It would be a great pop of colour in your collection. Keep everything else subtle and let your navy pop. And Boom! In no time, you will look so deep like the deep blue sea. ;p


Do let me know if you have any favourite navy blue piece in your wardrobe and share your styling tips too so we can all learn from each other! I wish you guys have a great rest of the week.


xx, Mielyn


OOTD details:

Jacket – Mango (bought years ago), other option Pattern suit blazer, Military style jacket (Both on sale at the moment!)

T-shirt – Uniqlo

Jeans – similar Zara

Watch – Daniel Wellington

Rings – Pandora infinity ring & Michael Hill

Pointy Shoes – Victoria Beckham

Sometimes gym bag could be a motivation to work out.

Hello my lovelies. How is the week treating you guys so far??

Everyone wants to workout at some point of their life. I like working out but I have to admit there are many days I am just unable to drag my bum to the gym. I have lots of excuses singing in my mind..I am tired, I just finish work I need a break, I can go tomorrow because it is raining..*rain rain go away, come again another day, mielyngrace wants to go lift weights* – NO. Recently another type of excuse was I didn’t have a gym bag or any sort of bag to put my stuff for work + gym. I’m not kidding, my last bag was torn apart and it was the end of it. Apart from my own laziness in going to gym (need to work on this! and I will!), now a bag is in the way. Great.

And Gymtote arrived.

This gym bag/ backpack is the best I had in my life. Not that I had many. But seriously, I need to talk about this. It was bought online (UK based brand) during the summer sale. The purchase was straightforward and the delivery was fast and efficient. All good. The gem actually is the bag itself. My first impression of the bag was it was huge. The space was great and most importantly it has a million compartment relative to any other bags. I am sucker for organization and this bag was right up my street. A compartment for water bottle and or an umbrella, one for handphones and has this little eyelet for you to slot through your earphones, a small compartment at the front to put smaller things, a main compartment that will practically hold anything it goes so deep inside I love it, a back compartment for up to 15′ inch laptop and a separate compartment for shoes at the bottom with mesh eyelet for breathability. Now come on. This is it.

Even with a full load, I love the fact that the bag distributes the weight evenly for comfort. And the soft faux leather adds to the comfort even more. It is also very durable. One of the way you can gauge if a bag has quality is to look and feel the zippers of the bag. The zippers on this bag, thumbs up. This bag looks great on its own it doesn’t even look like a gym bag. Bless. It is perfect for me to bring it to work and double its duty for gym. It has in its unique way motivate me to hit the gym right after work. If you guys are looking for a great quality bag with the ability to bring your gym style up  a notch, Gymtote could be for you. And hopefully makes you want to head to the gym more.

On a side note, working out is one of the way we love and take care of ourselves. Just like investing in our minds, I belief investing in our health and fitness will bring longterm benefits in this short life that we have. I hope everyone no matter at what stage you are at, pick yourself up and pump in some adrenaline in your system. I know I will. 😉
Stay strong and healthy guys. Cheers!

xx, Mielyn Grace

*Disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored post. I have just started blogging. 🙂  However, this bag was gifted by my lovely partner Mr T. All opinions are my own and I only share what I truly like to my readers.

#pickabookFriday – The Little Prince

People who read, raise your hands. 🙂 Hi everyone, it is the last day of our weekday and we are gearing towards the weekend! Hooray!

Reading is an activity that is very close to my heart. It literally brings me to a place where I could just be immersed in an alternative reality. To put into perspective, I spend around 20 minutes in a clothing store but could easily spend 2 hours in a bookstore. That’s how much I love being surrounded by books. In a world where everything is getting extremely busy, it could be challenging to sit down and actually read something. However, there is nothing more rewarding than keeping our minds agile. I am a big advocate for people to pick up reading. I believe knowledge empowers you. It doesn’t matter what type of books you read (I mean books not tabloid magazines), you will keep firing those neurones in your brain to keep it active. A active mind leads to a better overall wellbeing. Thus, #pickabookFriday is where I will talk briefly about a book I’ve read in the hope that it would inspire everyone to take up this meaningful activity. 🙂
In this first post of this series, I chose The Little Prince. It is my favourite book mainly because of the strong messages embedded in it which I could relate to at any stage of my life. This lovely book is packed with beautiful metaphors and analogy. It discusses the different roles people assume in life, the varying characters of humans, different perspective in looking at life issues and most importantly friendship and love.  No matter what stage of life you are at, you will definitely take away a meaningful message. The beauty of this book lies in its ability to ignite inner reflection on what is important for you. I believe it is a book that will appeal to anyone.
There are many insightful moments in the book but one quote stood out from the rest:

“One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes”
What are the most beautiful things for you?

Happy reading everyone and have a great weekend!


xx, Mielyn



My style uniform

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great week so far.

In this post I will be talking about my personal style uniform. Regardless of the trend we might follow, I believe everyone have their own gravitation towards a particular  type of clothing time and time again. I call it the style uniform. Ever came across the time where you stare at your wardrobe and felt utterly helpless with the thought 'Oh my goodness! I have NOTHING to wear!'. I certainly have. 🙂 At this point of time, I always go back to what make me feel the most confident and comfortable. Upon reflection, I came to understand that I always pick the same combination in times of crisis or even just to feel comfortable.

My style uniform is a simple top tucked in a pair of jeans. And to complete the look, I will add a watch, a belt, perhaps one or two rings and a pair of flats or heels depending on the occasion. That's about it actually.

Style evolves. I remember when I was younger I loved wearing jeans and the biggest sneaker available because it felt good. I was comfortable. My style has evolved from then on and I begin to gravitate towards classy yet simple chic outfits. I have come across many women especially young girls who shared with me that they are not stylish and they beat themselves out. All my lovely ladies out there, you have your own style. Trust me. Ask yourself what makes you feel good and comfortable. Coco Chanel said "Fashion fades, only style remains the same". Following trend is awesome but embracing your own style will define the unique you. When you know yourself and feel good about your own sense of style, you will shine. It might take time but it is worth it. 🙂


1.Do not give two hoots to others make who you feel bad about how you dress, it takes time to develop and refine your style. It is a learning journey. Always love yourself first.

OOTD Details:

Top – Gift from my bestie. Knit top from Melbourne

Jeans – Zara

Heeled sandal – Ted baker (grey version)


xx, Mielyn



Leather Sandals

Sandals. The beloved footwear when the temperature soars. Happiness is showing off the perfectly manicured toes with a nice pair of sandals. Hmm just thinking about it uplifts my mood. There are many types of sandals but I tend to like the leather ones. Any footwear will eventually go through wear and tear. Somehow leather sandals tend to wear beautifully. Unfortunately, weather in London has not been that great lately. Although it is supposedly summer, the moment you step out of your house you feel anything but summer-y. However, the situation does make me appreciate the little sunshine we do get in London. We almost always focus on the negative side of things we kind of lose perspective – that there is always the positive side of things as well. It is never easy to be optimistic all the time but being mindful of the good things will do us more good than the other way around. Don’t you agree?


Just closing my eyes, thinking of the sunny blues sky and knowing I will experience the warmth of the sun one day is already an enabling thought that keeps me happy. When that time finally comes, I have my nicely aged leather sandals with me and we will both go out and greet the sun. The leather sandals might have cost me slightly more than others but it is worth it.


xx, Mielyn

The other LBD

LBD, our beloved little black dress should be a staple in women’s closet. When you think it’s the end of the world because suddenly there’s nothing to wear, the trusted black dress comes to the rescue. Another type of LBD I think every woman should consider is the slightly L(ong) Black Dress. The longer hemlines gives a more feminine touch to a women’s frame. Midi dresses is a bit tricky for petite ladies like me. However, the black colour create a slimmer illusion. Thus, it makes us look like we have longer frame. High five to that!
The L(longer) black dress is perfect to wear when we still want to look more conservative or on a chilly day. Just add simple pearl earring, red lip, nice handbag and a killer shoe. You will so polish that even your mother in law or  potential mother in law will approve straight away 😜


1. For petite ladies, cinch the waist in with a belt to create proportions. You can either have the belt on the smallest of your waist or higher to have the empire waist effect. Obi belt works best for this.

2. If your dress is a knit dress, look for knits that have vertical lines. It will help create the length you need.

OOTD Details:

Midi knit black dress – H&M

Obi belt – Love Bonito

Pearl earrings – Pandora

Bag – La Martina


Till next time,

xx Mielyn

Photo credit: Mr. T