Jumping out of a plane

A couple of years ago I told myself, if I ever set foot in Dubai I am going to skydive.

Last month, that’s what I did.

Continue reading to hear a little about my adventure with Skydive Dubai.

Tickets booked, hotels booked and one thought kept bugging me. It is the promise I made to myself that I will do the dive. So I opened the browser, looked into Skydive Dubai and took the plunge. Simply because I do not want to leave any room for later regrets. After making the booking, I set the thoughts aside so I won’t spook myself. I do not have any phobia of heights but the thought of free-falling isn’t something I’m used to (of many of us!).

On the D-day, I was feeling the butterfly, anxiety whatever you can call it. Yes I am excited but since it is a novel experience I was nervous in all honesty. I was quieter than I am as the time neared for me to board the plane. Here, I would like to give a huge shout out to Skydive Dubai team. From the get go, the service was great. Registration and payment was straightforward and my funny instructor Carlos made the whole experience memorable. The instructions were easy to follow and most important part is just to hold my head high and smile. It was my moment. Not to forget Mr. T who was at my side for the whole duration giving me all the love and support. He is my rock!

When the time came, I went up the sky with 4 other divers, videographers and instructors. The moment I jumped, the fear left instantaneously and I was filled with adrenaline. I had a blast free-falling and at end of the free fall I was in awe of the view I get to soak in for about 5 minutes. Hovering above Palm Jumeirah with a greater view of Dubai city is still etched in my mind till this date. The word that dominated my sentences was ‘WOW’. Yes I ticked this off my bucket list, but what I took away from this amazing experience was the reminder that anything that is first always seems scary but it will eventually pass – leaving us triumphant against challenges.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this post will inspire you to take the plunge to skydive!

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Xo, Mielyn

Tap into your inner child and build a snowman

Hi everyone, hope everyone is having a great Saturday. 🙂 I was doing some reflection this morning and I would like to share one of it to you guys.

About a month ago, I experienced my first full snow. Everything looked like a beautiful white canvas, which I painted with lovely experiences. As a person who enjoy hiking, hiking in the snow was a completely new adventure leading to something remarkable – tapping into my inner child and building my first ever snowman.

On that day, building my snowman brought nothing but child like curiosity and determination. In the end, I was marvelling at my creation. My snowman was named Rocco. Although he might not be there anymore the next day, he will live in my memory and will always remind me of the joyous fun I had for the rest of my life.

I work with children day in and day out so my inner child is always triggered and it gives me some sanity in this at times insane life. Many times children show us how to de-stress and it is up to us to use that give we all have inside us. My snowman is one of my example, the ‘snowman’ could be anything in life that came out of sheer curiosity and wanting to live in the moment just like children do.

How often do you build your snowman? How often do you tap into your inner child?

Till next time,

xx Mielyn

Breakfast in a museum makes you feel very special.

Good evening everyone!

Hope you guys are having a good week. It is Friday!

When I was doing my research on Vienna for my trip last December, breakfast was an important component. My aim was to search for special places to load up on early morning. Basically to start the day with the highest gear. And I found the perfect place.

Kunst Historisches Museum Wien.

It perfectly complemented our museum run day. The interior is simply stunning. I was there with Mr T at 10am when the cafe starts operating. We were basically the first people there and it was great to take some nice photos without being in other people’s way. 😉

The cupola hall where the cafe was located was magnificent and packed with comfortable sofas. You have a choice of ordering their breakfast set or create your own combinations. I say definitely go for the set. I feel it was the best start to our day viewing the collections and exhibitions in the museum. Be sure to be there early as the crowds do get in around 11ish.

Hope this post inspires you check out the museum and this amazing cafe.

Thank you for dropping by! 🙂

xx, Mielyn

Matcha Shot

I am a tea lover. The type of tea I gravitate to most since I was young was black and green tea. So how did Matcha came into the picture? It all started with a commitment for a mindful and healthy living choices at the start of this year. Trust me it is still a work in progress and that’s the fun part. We all learn everyday. Mr. T and I frequented Mei Leaf in Camden. It is a beautiful cosy tea shop in Camden. This is where we got our idea of starting a ‘matcha ritual’ in our daily life. We did our research on the benefits of matcha and we took the plunge in purchasing a matcha kit and matcha powder. And boy I am glad we started it. After months of drinking matcha, I can say that this little powerhouse will make you high (in a good way, of course). I find that the warm of matcha shot warms and wakes my system up in the morning. Besides that, it provides sufficient energy to keep me going till lunch time. Even my heavy coffee drinking partner approves 🙂

Why a Matcha shot a day could possibly also keep the doctor away…

  1. It is FULL of antioxidant. If you don’t want to delve deeper into this thing, just know it is good for the body.
  2. Enhances mood and calms the body
  3. Boost metabolism
  4. Aids concentration
  5. Rich in fiber, vitamins and chlorophyll

I have tried to make matcha drink while on vacation. However, nothing is compared to the use of good old matcha bowl and whisk.

Making your own shot

  • Boil some water (ideally at 80 degree Celsius)
  • Scoop 1-2 spoons of matcha powder (use the matcha spoon, it’s cool)
  • Pour approximately 3 sips worth of water into your bowl. (It is a shot people, do not drown your matcha)
  • Whisk it like its hot
  • Enjoy!

Some matcha kit to get started Mei Leaf Ceremonial Matcha Set, Goodwei Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony Set, Kineta Gift Set

*Always do a background check if you could consume matcha before trying. Every person has different tolerance to caffeine and the properties of different substance so make sure to do a thorough research on the subject. Pregnant women should be extra careful because matcha is essentially consuming the whole leaf instead of the standard tea infusion. Please be informed.

On that note, seri guys, bye!

Photos: Yours truly