3 top things hiking can do for you

Hi everyone!

I was looking at my old photos and saw some that invoked soul enriching feeling. It was my photos from hiking at the Black Forest.

This trip was a surprise from Mr T last Autumn and we stayed at the amazing Hotel Traube Tonbach. Though the highlight was in fact spending a couple of days in this marvellous hotel, the pinnacle of this trip for me was our hiking day at the Black Forest.

I love a hike. But hiking in the chilly weather sort of made me taken aback for a bit to be honest. However, it did happened and I don’t regret it one bit. In fact, this trip made me go for a winter hike without any hesitation.

Now the good part, what does hiking actually do for you?

3. It gives you a breather. There’s something about fresh air filling your lungs, it exhales away the hustle and bustle of our busy busy life. You get to know that hey, there is clarity around us when we actively look for it.

2. It reminds you of the beauty we of Mother Earth. When you hike, especially when it is a long one, you tend to actually open your eyes and your senses. You get to know that hey, you become aware of the things that are actually around you.

1. The most satisfying part of what hiking can do for you. It reminds you of your ability. All the good stuff we often forget we have in us: Perseverance, patience, agility, sense of adventure, sense of wonderment. All in all, that CAN DO attitude. You get to know that hey, I am alive and I could be the best version of myself.

Hiking is a great activity. Schedule it in all season. You might just receive the inspiration that I did.

With love,

xx, Mielyn

Sometimes gym bag could be a motivation to work out.

Hello my lovelies. How is the week treating you guys so far??

Everyone wants to workout at some point of their life. I like working out but I have to admit there are many days I am just unable to drag my bum to the gym. I have lots of excuses singing in my mind..I am tired, I just finish work I need a break, I can go tomorrow because it is raining..*rain rain go away, come again another day, mielyngrace wants to go lift weights* – NO. Recently another type of excuse was I didn’t have a gym bag or any sort of bag to put my stuff for work + gym. I’m not kidding, my last bag was torn apart and it was the end of it. Apart from my own laziness in going to gym (need to work on this! and I will!), now a bag is in the way. Great.

And Gymtote arrived.

This gym bag/ backpack is the best I had in my life. Not that I had many. But seriously, I need to talk about this. It was bought online (UK based brand) during the summer sale. The purchase was straightforward and the delivery was fast and efficient. All good. The gem actually is the bag itself. My first impression of the bag was it was huge. The space was great and most importantly it has a million compartment relative to any other bags. I am sucker for organization and this bag was right up my street. A compartment for water bottle and or an umbrella, one for handphones and has this little eyelet for you to slot through your earphones, a small compartment at the front to put smaller things, a main compartment that will practically hold anything it goes so deep inside I love it, a back compartment for up to 15′ inch laptop and a separate compartment for shoes at the bottom with mesh eyelet for breathability. Now come on. This is it.

Even with a full load, I love the fact that the bag distributes the weight evenly for comfort. And the soft faux leather adds to the comfort even more. It is also very durable. One of the way you can gauge if a bag has quality is to look and feel the zippers of the bag. The zippers on this bag, thumbs up. This bag looks great on its own it doesn’t even look like a gym bag. Bless. It is perfect for me to bring it to work and double its duty for gym. It has in its unique way motivate me to hit the gym right after work. If you guys are looking for a great quality bag with the ability to bring your gym style up  a notch, Gymtote could be for you. And hopefully makes you want to head to the gym more.

On a side note, working out is one of the way we love and take care of ourselves. Just like investing in our minds, I belief investing in our health and fitness will bring longterm benefits in this short life that we have. I hope everyone no matter at what stage you are at, pick yourself up and pump in some adrenaline in your system. I know I will. 😉
Stay strong and healthy guys. Cheers!

xx, Mielyn Grace

*Disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored post. I have just started blogging. 🙂  However, this bag was gifted by my lovely partner Mr T. All opinions are my own and I only share what I truly like to my readers.