Summer Hat

Summer vacation is not complete without a good hat. Even if you are too shy to wear one on a daily basis or just can’t be bothered about it, vacation is the time we seem to invite hats into our holiday closet. It adds character to an outfit and great for bad hair days. I love a good hat but I must admit it is extremely challenging for me to get one to fit my head. My head is SMALL. This means standard adult sizing is still big for my head. Online shopping for even the most prettiest hats is a no go for me.

However, years ago while travelling in Taiwan a lovely shopkeeper offered to take in slightly from the inner rim of the floppy felt hat to fit perfectly on my head. Basically, she folded the bit of the inner lining and stitched it up. I thought it was brilliant! For this particular straw hat for my Greece holiday, I ended up doing the same because I just love it so much to return it. By saying that, I am considering looking into children’s section for a better fit. If any of you know a good place to look, do shout out to me. I would greatly appreciate it!


1. For my fellow ladies with tiny head, please do not fret. We are quite a fun size to be honest which makes it all the more interesting when it comes to dressing up. Just start off by getting the smallest size. If the smallest size is still loose, for most hats with an inner lining, fold in and stitch it up.

OOTD Details:

Grey Jumpsuit – Asos

Straw Hat – Asos Vacay Sequin Straw Hat

Sandal – Windsor Smith

Seri lovelies, bye!

Location : Blue Palace resort, Crete, Greece

Photo credits: Mr. T

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