Why one should hike up a mountain to catch the Sunrise?

I have an affinity to catch the sunrise at every place I travel to especially if it involves mountains. Tried it once and I am hooked. I have done Mount Rinjani, Mount Batur and Mount Bromo so far. All in Indonesia. All came with different intensity. Yet at the end of the day, all enriched my life a little bit more.

Journey to the top requires strength, mental and physical alike. It is not easy feat for the most part, but more often than not the reward is worth it.

Hiking up challenges your endurance…how far can you go? how long can you take it? I remember my close to 9 hour hike to the top of Mount Rinjani. By the 4th hour, it was getting unbearable. 5th hour, everything seemed steep. 6th hour, I am close to being done. 7th hour, I can’t feel my legs. 8th hour, badly injured and needed assistance. Pain is real but when I woke up the next morning the view was so beautiful. I felt life was beautiful despite the challenges I had to face just  a few hours ago.

Every step during the hike you push on. Sometimes it seems impossible. The boulders which are in the way, the steep climb up, the slippery gravels. Are you going to give up? No you move on. For yourself. One step at a time. You might say, some people could do it so fast. They don’t seem to tire. They are so fit. But we always forget, they had to start from somewhere to be able to be on top of the hiking game.

When you are on top, you see the sunrise. It only lasts a few minutes but we all marvel at the beautiful sight which is presented in front of us.

All that you worked for along the way. Remember that. Because going up for a sunrise is just like going up in your life.

So, hike up.

Photos: Mielyn Grace


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