Growing up in a tropical country my whole life, my daily go-to attire revolves around shorts, sleeveless tops and flip flops. Life seemed lighter.

Fast forward September 2016. I could barely live my life without a million layers of clothing.

Accustomed to constant warm weather throughout the year, the move to London since September 2016 has been a rather ‘cold’ experience. In fact, my body goes into shock every day all day. Now we are in the middle of a full blown winter and I can say I am slowly learning the art of layering.

This is the time I could roll out my beautiful but unworn pieces of clothing, simply because they were not suitable for the equator heat. This is also a season where I could experiment and be creative. Despite the hassle of putting on 3-4 layers each time I need to head out, I am enjoying creating outfits with the essentials that I have. It takes time to get it right believe me and I am still learning.

Since I can’t survive without the many layers that would hopefully keep me warm, I just need to figure out a way to do it without feeling like an oversized ball. The best trick I have learnt is the ‘Tight to Loose’ method.

‘Tight to Loose’ application of layering,

  • Start with a heat tech long top as the first layer
  • Layer another top that has a longer sleeve in contrasting colour and texture
  • Layer an oversize or loose fitting sweater/ jumper

(same applies to the bottoms but usually a figure hugging jeans or tights would suffice)

Voila! The outfit provides the much needed warmth and the longer sleeve of the middle layer peek out to add a bit of an edge.

There’s no right or wrong in putting an outfit together, just makes sure to put on clothing that flatters your body type and most importantly comfortable.

After 3 months, I am finally seeing the beauty of layering.


Photos: Mr T and yours truly


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