Best place to purchase books

A book is truly a way to be transported to an alternate reality. Reading  for me is like a child engaged in pretend play, fully absorbed by imagination and immersed in a realm full of possibilities.

My fascination with reading books started late, in fact it was just 3 years ago I decided to do something that will not only enrich my life but present some form of satisfaction in it. But don’t be fooled, I am a reader since the young. The difference is that I only read text books most of the time. Getting the grade was important. Now I am at the state where scoring a point for a balanced lifestyle has become equally important. Growing up watching my uncle read books after books and collecting all of them in his small room inspired me to pick up that one habit I’ve been putting off for so long. When I finally caught the reading bug, there’s simply no turning back. Now all I could think of is to build my own dream library one day.

With the spring semester of my Masters studies commencing tomorrow, the massive amount of journals, research articles and textbooks will inevitably consume the bulk of my time once again. Thus, the resolution to pick up non academic related books for the sake of my sanity is extremely necessary. I decided to purchase at least 2 books every month and strive to finish reading them. There’s no such thing as no time. I just have to set aside the time for this if I truly believe that books add value in my life.

I am the kind of person who is just not suited to read e-books. I need to hold the actual thing, flip the pages and marvel at the prints. I have bought books at many places and by far the best is Book Depository. This online platform is great as it offers all the books one could possibly need under one roof with free worldwide delivery. As compared to a bookshop, I was able to buy my books at much discounted rates at Book Depository. This indirectly translate to more books! You could also add the books to a wish list and receive notification when there is a price drop. I have bought through this platform many times and the delivery has been straightforward and prompt so far. Amazon comes in second because more often there are additional charges for the delivery and as well as the risk of browsing other items apart from books.

So for avid readers and those who are just picking up reading, if you are like me and itch for a physical copy, I recommend trying Book Depository. And by the way, if you are travelling make sure you purchase your books earlier. Airports can be such a rip off *rolls eyes*


Book Depository website


Photo: Yours truly


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