Whittard of Chelsea Tea Bar

Weekends are special, simply because it allows me to spend more time with Mr T. Weekdays are so busy particularly for him that ‘wochenende’ gives us some time to chill outside and explore new places. This time it was me who suggested to head to Whittard Tea Bar situated in Covent Garden. First, both of us love to chug down a good cup of tea. Second, there is just something about Covent Garden that makes me want to take a stroll there whenever I can. I happen to pass by this quaint tea bar and it was stuck in my mind ever since.

This tea bar is small but not claustrophobic. It has just the right amount of charm and comfort for the chilly London weather. Placed right next to the tea shop with lets say massive amount of tea selection, not to forget the beautiful packaging of the teas. I am instantly sold. One place with will get me hooked is definitely a good tea spot.

In the bar, there is a selection of 100 different worldwide tea varieties. Whittard founder’s philosophy: to buy the best and blend the brightest. They also serve coffee and cocoa as well as a good selection of sweet treats and savouries. 100 different teas. By the time you read through all of them and make up your mind, the afternoon is gone. Madness I’m telling you. But tea is love, love is tea. It has to be done. Mr T settled for his premium green tea as usual and I opted for the Jasmine version. On top of that, we got a scone. Trust me, the scone is good for sharing. The serving portion is ridiculous in Europe where a lot of times makes me think I’m eating for two.

Verdict: Great flavourful, well brewed tea. Even greater was the buttery soft scone. The scone left me grinning from ear to ear. Cosy ambiance, quite calming environment.

Definitely worth the visit and would head back in a jiffy on the next opportunity.

A little side note on the Whittard Tea shop. It is a shop where tea lovers will have the impulse to grab something to bring home. It has this luxury air to it but not overwhelming. There is a circular testing area where one could give some of the teas a go. Those who would want alternatives, there is also coffee and hot chocolate tasting area. Perfect to get yourself a good treat or even as gifts for loved ones. Plus, they also sell good range of coffee and cocoa. Thumbs up to this beautiful place.

Photo: Yours truly

Whittard of Chelsea Covent Garden

Address: 18b The Marketplace, The Piazza. Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8RB

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 9:30am – 9:00pm

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