Kick start with Kikki

Wow it has been ages since I have written my last blog post. Work and assignments certainly consumed my time. I even had to work throughout Christmas holidays, making sure the essays is drafted with some standards. Perhaps I really need to look into my time management, work is not a good excuse for being rubbish in writing up blog posts. Time to reflect on this.

2016 was great and I must say 2017 is looking mighty positive. My head is very clear with what needs to be done and managed, so much so the imminent dissertation has not daunt me….yet. Surprising. It could be that I am blessed with extremely loving people around me. It is great to have family and friends who might reside in a different continent, yet they still feel as though they are around closely.

I am looking forward to see how 2017 unfold. Perhaps at the end of the year I will have another afternoon tea at another amazing venue to reflect on 2-0-1-7.

Since most of the year will be revolving around the Masters studies, I felt this would be the perfect time to share my love for Kikki K. I first discovered this gem of a place at ION Orchard, Singapore. Just a girl, strolling around after work one day and BAM! I instantly fell in love with this place. Love it so much the bestie gets annoyed when I mention this place. 🙂 What can I say, the minimalist Swedish designs pushed all the right buttons for me. The stationeries and homewares are really pretty. Think Instagram worthy pictures. Having nice accents as part of home decor and daily necessities lifts my spirit every time I am around them.

Kikki K has stores in 9 countries so far and is going strong. Bear in mind that the price is on the higher end side. However, the sales are great especially when you become a member. I do wait for the item I have been eyeing on to go on sale. It is also good to note that the stores mostly display current collections so a lot of sale items can only be purchased online. The downside of buying online is the outrageous delivery charge. I wish at some point it will be reduced  or they implement click & collect in London. On the positive side, I just found out there is a 10% in store purchase student discount which I could enjoy for the time being.

I do not have many stores which I love and when I do love something it is quite special. Seems like Kikki K will stay relevant for a long time. I am already hinting another item for the house to Mr T. 😝
Photos: Yours truly


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