Urban Decay All nighter

I am not a big  beauty junkie especially when it comes to makeup. Given that my skin is not perfect and my characteristics to do thorough research to purchase high quality products, my makeup collection is very basic and limited- a capsule collection. I think I prefer it that way, keeping things simple and quick. 

The makeup I do usually is the same. Only foundation and mascara on daily basis, add highlighter, lipstick and blush on dressier days and finally a red lip on glam out nights. But I have the preference towards dewy finish rather than matte. 

One product which I come to love is the Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray. Recommended by my dear Friend J (hello if you are reading this!), I couldn’t be happier. I saw my makeup had a new light from the first application. To be honest, I was impressed. 

This spray does what it claims. With just a few spritz, my makeup is more refined if I could put it that way. It smoothed my application of foundation, blush, highlighter to give a harmonious balance. The best part is it gives me a glowing completion as a by product. And it last! It truly does make my makeup last a whole day. 

When I finished my first bottle and had a short hiatus, I really missed this setting spray whenever I did my makeup. I had to repurchase and I’m happy I finally did. I haven’t tried other setting sprays so I am in no position to compare and contrast. But the result this one gives me which is exactly what I’m looking for after the effort of dolling up, I will stick with this. In the end, all we want is for a product which works for our skin right. 

Give it a go. This setting spray might just give you the glow. 


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