Cape coat

There is something about capes. It doesn’t just instantly elevate your look by giving your outfit a polished look, it also elevates your mood. Simply put, if you want to feel like you’re on top of the world, cape is the way to go.

I bought this beautiful cape coat from Love Bonito, Singapore. This khaki colour was sold out pretty quick on the website which was disappointing. However, I spotted them again at the annual Love Bonito yearly sale last year. Of course, I took the plunge and bought them. I bought the piece at a discounted price and in the colour I wanted. Needless to say it was a great purchase. The year end annual sale is definitely worth a visit for anyone who is in Singapore. If you don’t mind the long queue of course as it is a highly sought out event. I wore it the first time in London due to the perfect autumn weather. The length of the coat is great as a seasonal piece. It gave me a confident boost by finishing my look while keeping me warm through the crisp weather.

A cape coat in neutral colour makes simple basic outfit chic and what’s better than a woman feeling empowered and good about themselves.

When in doubt, cape it.


Photo credit: Mr T.

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