There has been a short hiatus since the last post. The act of setting up a routine in this new environment consumed the bulk of my time. Now that university, gym, work and home life has somewhat taken their space in my daily schedule, I could have a breather. Sometimes I tend to think myself as a creature of habit or a creature who needs to have some sort of routine. When many different aspects are floating everywhere, it does kind of drowns me. I’m sure there will be others who could relate to this. With a new found sense of freedom, I would like to continue my blog with a post on my new university.

Last summer I dropped by the university to have a chat with the programme convenor and my first impression of the university was that it is immensely beautiful. Above all, the most beautiful part is the support we get as students particularly international students. It was daunting at first with the new education system, culture and environment but the warmth and welcome of the Roehampton community had me settled in fairly quickly. Although I do not stay on campus, I am enjoying my time here very much.

University of Roehampton is a collegiate university in which governing authority and functions are divided between the central university administration and 4 colleges (Digby Stuart, Froebel, Southlands and Whitelands). I belong to Froebel. At Roehampton you are not only part of one of the most beautiful open spaces in London but are also a member of an intimate college community. The university also has its own set of cute friends – bunnies, chickens and a resident cat Digby who sadly passed away recently. Overall, this is a truly beautiful campus with a lot to offer.


Few fun facts:

  • University of Roehampton is 175 years old
  • One of the most diverse communities of any university in the UK with around 140 nationalities
  • It is London’s only traditional campus university
  • Awarded best modern university in London


Photos: Yours truly

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