Some gifts stays with us for a very long time.

Before I moved to London, a lovely parent not to mentioned extremely talented artist in her own right presented me a farewell/teachers day gift and it was a very lovely gift indeed.

I was stoked. It was simple but very meaningful. As I moved to my new home, I knew I have to bring it along. We have picture frames around the house and this drawing adds a bit of whimsicality to the whole set up. I was thinking hard where to place this drawing and a temporary place on the shelf above the TV somewhat holds a permanency now. It is beautiful, the black frame purchased from IKEA fits just right with the rest silver/white ornaments. Every time I sit in our living room, this drawing lifts my mood without fail.

Initially I thought it might be severely out of place as it doesn’t fit the rest of the theme. But no. Who knew a caricature can oomph up your interior decor!

Of course credits should also go to the talented artist who drew this piece of beauty. Her name is Ye Ruoshi and she is a multiple practise artist who specialises in portraitures, caricatures and contemporary paintings based in Singapore. Her work shows quality and professionalism and it does not disappoint. Just like mine that never cease to put a smile on my face, I am sure everyone will benefit from her work as well.

More information could be obtained from her Facebook and Instagram page which I will link below.

Facebook: Like a poem

Instagram: @like_apoem

Last but not least, a heartfelt thank you to both artist who added colour to my life. Cheers!

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