Coats and Jackets

Fashion week is happening in full gear and we could see all the amazing post by fashion magazine, socialites and all the influencers aka bloggers. Left, right and centre I’m bombarded with inspirational fashion images and the urge to recreate some of the look is intense to be honest. However, two particular garments are occupying my mind at the moment. And they are the everlasting pieces- Coats and Jackets.

I am a jacket junkie even though I lived near the equator. I have quite a number of collection despite living in perpetual hot and humid weather. I own one in leather, classic cut, structured you name it  and to be honest I did not have much opportunities to even wear them back home because it was so darn hot. I still own them because it is part of my style somewhere deep down I know it and simply because they pretty much pull any outfit together. Moving to London enabled me to take my babies out and actually wear them on a daily basis which I am ecstatic about it. However, as the temperature here dips I would need something thicker to keep me warm and I might have underestimated the power of a good coat for that purpose. I am pretty much still adjusting to cooler weather and although not doing too great I have observed this time around it has gotten better compared to my previous two visits.

Coats – I’m looking at you!

Source: Harrods

I remembered falling in love with a Ted Baker coat back in Singapore. It just fit like a glove when I tried it on. Since then my heart is set on it and soon I shall grab from the store. I believe a coat is a classic piece and with a classic colour and silhouette it will always be a staple in the wardrobe. Burberry, Victoria Beckham, Fendi and Diane Von Furstenberg are some of the brands that makes very beautiful and classic coats. They are at the higher end of the price range but the right one that flatters body type and functions well in keeping one warm is well worth the investment.

Source: Chi Chi Von Tang

Another brand that I have been lusting over is Chi Chi Von Tang. Chance upon it on the social media one day and I am fascinated by the modern urban warrior style infused in the core of this Singaporean brand. Founder and designer Lisa Von Tang created this Asian inspired label that embodies warrior spirit that is very empowering. The Imperial flow jacket in tribal is definitely a statement and with my developing classic edgy style I do see myself incorporating this beautiful jacket with plain classic top and bottom and just let the jacket do all the talking. Online platform sells the collection and the brand has three store locations in Singapore. I simply can’t wait to visit one soon.

For now, I’m pinning them in my mood board.



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