Burger & Lobster


It was Friday night and Mr T miraculously came back pretty early from work. This of course led to a dinner date which is always precious given that he practically works late into the night everyday. A short rest and off we went to a place recommended by Mr T himself – Burger & Lobster.

We went to the one at Holborn. This branch is newly opened and very near home with one bus ride away. Having a nice restaurant within close proximity is always a plus point. But don’t fret, they have 12 branches in London alone! To continue the impressive list, you can find Burgers & Lobster in Manchester, Bath, New York, Stockholm, Dubai, Kuwait and Jeddah. Speak about a big chain!

The holborn branch was a lovely little cosy old bar with a sexy vibe to it. The lights were dim which was really good in case any poor soul goes all out with their lobster and mess their outfit but of course the team will hand out your own apron if you ever decide to eat the bad boy.

The menu is simple. Technically they just serve burger and lobster. Hence the namesake. Their drinks menu is longer than their food menu but all is good because the food they serve is enough to keep you salivating. I ordered the Lobster Burger just to taste a bit of both with a cocktail on the side (Sun and Rain from the Lo Balls collection as recommended by the lovely waitress). The cocktails are divided into various balls (pun intended), Hi Lo Big Small you name it. I think it was really quirky and clever especially for those who want to have a good laugh.

The food was very good indeed. The burger was from the highest quality beef and the lobster was fresh. I loved the lobster! It was fresh, juicy, the flavour was just nice. It was utterly satisfying that my perfectly cooked meat took a back seat. Needless to say, I enjoyed my lobster so much I wished I just took the lobster dish on its own which I shall do on my next visit.

The price for the meal here is not cheap. The lobster burger cost £19 while the drink averaged £9. Given the quality of meal you get here I say it is worth it. Burger & Lobster Holborn is a nice place to have a date or have fun with friends. If you are in London, you should give it a try!

Special thanks to Mr T, it was a great night indeed. I certainly left with a full happy tummy and slightly lightheaded with the Lo Ball drink. Wonder what would a Hi Ball done to me….


Burger & Lobster, Holborn

195-198 High Holborn

London WC1V 7BD


Opening hours

Mon – Wed  12:00 -10:30pm

Thurs – Sat  12:00 -11:00pm

Closed on Sunday until October





Additional info

Non halal certified, upper floor seating

Photos: Yours truly



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